Une Femme Mariée Meurt En Plein Rapport Sexuel Avec Un Prêtre

A married woman dies while having sex with a Priest. The events occurred on the night of Thursday to Good Friday. Monicah Mulenga was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Earlier that Thursday, she convinced her husband to allow her to go to a funeral with her association of the Catholic Women’s League. But instead she will find herself in the bedroom of her lover who is none other than Father Abel Mwelwa.

Owen Mulenga, the husband of this Zambian who died at the age of 42 at the priest’s house, spoke afterwards. According to Mulenga, he was aware of his wife’s affair with Father Abel Mwelwa of St Maurice Catholic Church in Lusaka, because they have been seeing each other for over a year.

“My late wife has been dating Father Mwelwa for over a year and I just found out on November 19, 2019 when I found the priest’s disturbing WhatsApp messages on his phone,” said Mulenga. Asked about the case, she admitted to seeing the man of God, but then changed her statement after forcibly grabbing her phone from her husband’s hands and throwing it into boiling water. “The telephone was damaged beyond repair,” complains Mulenga before adding: “We almost got divorced but we were advised and we are reconciled. From that moment on, she stopped communicating with the priest, but after a month, their relationship was revived. ”

When Mulenga learned that his wife continued to see the priest, he tried to counsel her, but she could not listen to him because she had less and less respect for her husband. “She used to pretend to me church meetings, but she ended up in certain hotels or in the parish with the priest. I tried to advise her, but she didn’t want to change and kept saying that I was accusing her simply because I didn’t want her to attend church activities, ”said Mulenga.

He had openly declared that he wanted to take the matter to court and ask for a divorce “but before I could do so, I had to inform all the necessary ecclesiastical authorities because it is difficult to divorce a Catholic”.

The day Monicah died, she apologized to her husband saying that she was dating other women for a meeting of the Church Women’s League. According to him, his wife had a severe heart attack and it is certainly one of those crises in which he thinks that she died of it when she was fornicating with the priest. This slain ex-husband confesses: “It is as if the priest continued his act despite the fact that she told him to stop when she had her crisis, note that, this also happened to me when I made her the love but as I loved it and understood it, I could control myself and stop, but the priest certainly had to do it with ardor, therefore not caring about his plea which would have led him prematurely to death ”.

Après la mort de Monicah, le prêtre a appelé des femmes, le mari et la police, qui ont emmené la femme à l’hôpital où elle a été confirmée morte en raison d’une crise cardiaque aiguë qu’elle avait subie alors que le prêtre était sur elle.

« Au début, le prêtre a accepté la responsabilité et payé 50 000 K (Franc zambien) pour ses funérailles. Il nous a dit qu’il nous paierait 150 000 K d’indemnisation, mais nous avons refusé et signalé l’affaire aux hautes autorités de l’église qui ont enquêté et l’ont trouvé coupable, d’où sa récente suspension », a-t-il déclaré. Mulenga a également allégué que le prêtre qui a été suspendu des activités de l’église, avait déjà soudoyé des policiers qui avaient récupéré le corps de sa femme.

“But brothers and sisters, the truth is that the priest can, in his earthly knowledge and wisdom, win the trial before the courts, but he will certainly not win heavenly justice. I am resting my case. Until we meet again, Rest in peace, my charming and unique wife Monicah, “cries this collapsed man


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