RDC: Pascal Mukuna saisit la justice contre Joseph Kabila

Pascal Mukuna addressed to the Attorney General at the Constitutional Court a denunciation against the former president of the Republic Joseph Kabila. He says he does so as a Congolese citizen following “several cases of human rights violations that occurred in the DRC during the reign of the former President”. He thus wishes that an investigation be opened.

* “Now that he is no longer in power, I think that Mr. Kabila should be heard by your office and prosecuted for his direct and indirect involvement in the commission of scripts described above. I report all of these crimes to your office so that an investigation can be opened and Mr. Kabila can answer for these crimes that occurred during his regime ”*, he said.

He mentioned several including the * massacre of followers of Bundu Dia Kongo, the death of Armand Tungulu, the assassination of Floribert Chebeya, the false communes of Maluku, the murders of CLC demonstrators *, etc.

* “The crimes denounced below implicate the responsibility of Mr. Kabila in accordance with article 164 which deals with political offenses and high treason” *, he adds.

Yesterday, an ally of Joseph Kabila, the pastor, stuck in a sextape affair that he denied, gets closer to Félix Tshisekedi by presenting himself as a fierce opponent of the former President.


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