DRC: Young Nekongo leaders plead for direct negotiations between the interior minister and Ne Muanda Nsemi

The young leaders of Nékongo, a civil society structure in central Kongo, ask Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Gilbert Kankonde to open direct negotiations with Né Mwanda Nsemi, leader of the Bundu Dia Mayala movement in order to end disruption of activities and deaths linked to the repression of the claims of its followers.

They launched this call this Friday, April 17 in Kinshasa.

Herman Nzeza, president of this organization asks the government to listen to the demands of Ne Muanda Nsemi regularly raised by his followers so that lasting peace reigns in certain territories of this province which has been plagued by troubles for the past few days.

He recalls that the scuffles between the followers of Bundu Dia Mayala and the police resulted in the death of people but also the disruption of activities in several cities, towns and villages of Kongo-Central.




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