“No public procurement contract over the counter bears my signature,” he said during the confrontation. At the hearing on Saturday 11 April at the former central prison in Makala, devoted to his request for provisional release made by his lawyers at the Matete peace court, Vital Kamerhe allegedly shook the coconut palm.

According to one of his lawyers, the chief of staff of President Félix Tshisekedi would have brushed aside all the grievances against him. In particular the diversion of public funds through the over-the-counter market mechanism to fictitious companies including Samibo ($ 47 million) and Trade plus ($ 10 million). According to a source close to the file, the boss of the ‘UNC has reportedly given its share of the truth about the execution of Fatshi’s 100-day emergency program. With his oratory verve, the former president of the National Assembly affirmed that certain public contracts which exist between the Democratic Republic of Congo and third parties were inherited from the previous Government. The chief of staff’s chief of staff has reportedly let go that no over-the-counter public procurement contract bears his signature. ”

It is not the responsibility of a director of cabinet to the head of state, of his state, to monitor the allocation of funds paid to third parties ”, he would have said before pointing out that there are all a team which was in charge of the supervision of the work made up essentially of ministers in office. In the drug case, Vital Kamerhe, say his lawyers, would also have cleared himself. The leader of the UNC allegedly maintained that the prosecution incriminated him in this case.

Vital Kamerhe would have made it known that it is the current Minister of Health who would have declared to the Council of Ministers that the drugs delivered by Trade Plus were in conformity before making them available to the authorized services. Edified by the material provided by Vital Kamerhe, his lawyers argued that the acts alleged against their client were based on assumptions and were in no way offensive as long as there was a total absence of serious evidence of guilt. Despite the legitimacy of the request for the provisional release of their client taking into account his availability to collaborate with justice until the end of the investigation, the peace court of Kinshasa / Matete ordered the preventive detention of Vital Kamerhe for 15 days at Makala Central Prison.



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